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 Prior to meeting Peter I had been diagnosed with several mood disorders, I had frequent irritation and mind blockage with the constant recurrence of past dilemmas showing up in my everyday thought process. Having been through two therapists, medication and a psychologist, I decided to seek out an alternative approach. The first visit I left feeling vibrant and awakened! As though someone gave me a dose of mana and said “now on your way”, and with the tools that Peter gave me, to address and tackle certain life altering situations, helped me to approach the every day stress along with the dwelling and constant need to worry. Awareness was the biggest step and once I became aware of my physical response to these occurrences I then knew how to address it more appropriately. I have to say that after three sessions of pure internal garbage removal I seem less unstable and more balanced. I feel like the person I’ve been wanting to feel for sometime, and it’s a nice change. Thanks Peter for all your help, you’ve been a great healer!]

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