About Peter

Peter Rivard, healer and spiritual teacher is an emissary of Light. 

My life is devoted to helping You. I am absolutely devoted to living as the Presence of the Divine and sharing that with everyone. What could be more fabulous than to Know and En-joy Yourself? To see, feel, touch, speak, and imagine the Love that you are takes Divine Energetic help. Activations that enlighten the brain so that you can clearly access your connection to Source Energy. Mentoring and education to create a new high frequency platform of living.
I am available for this important work. Life welcomes you. I will love you unconditionally. I will listen. In the listening you will be heard. I offer you, guidance, activations, support in your awakening to create and open structure of a life Divine!
Use me, free yourself, bring Love, Light and Awareness to the stories that no longer serve you.
You will become aware of your beautiful self in all situation. As we all become happy and free individually, watch the world transform. It all starts with you.
It is time to relax and enjoy Life!
Love, Peter