Access Your Personal Freedom to Experience an Awakened Life in Each Moment, in All Situations!

HAPPINESS, Enlightenment, Bliss, Pure Awareness, Fun, HIGH VIBRATION FREQUENCY is your very nature. Experience your true self NOW.

Peter Rivard has devoted the past 20 years in search of ways to heal and anchor his awareness in the vibration of LOVE. He has studied and practiced numerous modalities only to discover and experience that all is truly well in this very moment.

Peter can facilitate your Healing and Awakening.

Session are experiential; you will experience relief, freedom and the happiness you seek.

Awaken Now Sessions are a very powerful way to re-establish a relationship with your perfect Whole Natural Self. In a session the powerful and undeniable presence of YOU will begin to emerge. This presences will permeate, unravel, and transform your physical, mental, and emotional stories. You will begin to notice your triggers that lead to suffering dissolve and will experience life as Flow. You will become curious about everything, everything will become an adventure. Your past will be past. Memories will be remembered, but not obstacles of how you view the world. This Presence of Self is available to you at all times, as you establish and anchor a relationship with this forgotten original Self, your life will transform.

There has never been a more important time than NOW to step out of suffering and struggle and into a beautiful way of “Being.” Peter Rivard is a Master Healer and Spiritual Intuitive. He has an innate way of activating your Original Blueprint of Wholeness, awakening divine light and awareness into the programs in your system that create suffering in your daily life. Are you looking for help with pain, chronic Illness, mental confusion, and connecting to the Source of Life? Peter is able to meet you wherever you are, offering relief from mental confusion and physical pain. Each session is an unwinding of stories, dramas, traumas that can keep you held in suffering. It is time for all of us to relax deeply, let go, and transmute all the old energies so that we may radiate our Divine Light! Sessions are experiential, meaning you will experience profound shifts in your physical, mental and spiritual life.

Since Peter was a small child, he has had an intimate connection and innate knowledge of what he calls the “bigger picture.” This led him to study with Master Healers, Religious and Spiritual Teachers, Gurus, and several energy healing modalities. Peter works with his intuition, Divine Light, natural law, frequency, vibration, sound and the ultimate Stillness from which everything arises.

Single sessions are available. However, Peter recommends 3 sessions a week apart and follow up sessions 2- 3 weeks later for tune ups to establish lasting change.
Contact Peter here: to schedule your energy sessions.
Or Call NOW 207 592 0687

It is my great pleasure to share this access to YOU with you. This is truly the time for Self-mastery. Life is. YOU are. Let’s together Awaken Now and join the Flow of LIFE.

Session are 1 hour in length. Can take place in-person, telephone or Skype. I recommend to begin with 3 to 5 sessions a week apart. This will help you to create, establish, and anchor new pathways to the Divine within you.

Sessions are experiential, meaning you will experience the peace and space from which your personality emanates. The power and freedom of life become evident as you re-member and bask in beauty and perfection of the space of YOU.

You will not be required to do anything except to relax. The field of Presence that is created in these sessions will do the “work”. Freeing you of the habitual structures of belief that create your suffering.

It is time to Know thy Self!

You are so GREAT!

LOVE, Peter

In-person sessions with Peter take place at “a healing place” located at 17 Brunswick Avenue, Gardiner, Maine 04345. 

Telephone, Skype, Zoom, FaceTime platforms from anywhere!

3 one-hour sessions (recommended), $450

1 one-hour 

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