Angie’s experience of healing

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This a little story about Peter Rivard’s ability to heal.
We were doing a retreat together few years back with Peter in California, and I had a chance to show him a very uncomfortable growing lump on my hand. Previously when I went to the specialist to have a look at it, I was told that it can only be removed surgically and even then they didn’t know whether it’s going to be permanent or not.
But when Peter directed his ‘Laser’ as he called it (it was just his finger) towards my lump and held it there for few moments I didn’t think much of it.
Some time has passed, and the lump began to shrink. It’s been couple of years since Peter has done his healing treatment on my hand.
The lump is no longer there, it’s gone completely! I don’t know if Peter even remembers that but I am always so grateful for that simple ‘Laser’ technique I was introduced to that week!
A huge Divine Mother hug is in order! Thank you so much Peter and Merry Christmas!

            Angie L.

            New South Wales, Australia

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